High School Seniors

Your Legendary 12th Year

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Highlight What Makes You Different

We get it. Everyone likes to be trendy once in a while, but your senior portraits aren't just a temporary Stanley cup fad. They're something you do to celebrate YOU and no one else, and unlike the fidgit spinners we've long since forgotten, your portraits will remain relevant a century from now.

Why They Stay Relevant

Think about it; you're sharing your portraits with people who love you. It doesn't matter if clothing trends change, you're family and friends are always going to see your portraits as a representation of someone they love and they'll always want to be near you.

A Lifetime Achievement

You're going to accomplish A LOT in your life and your high school graduation is a launching point for the rest of your future. You deserve to be celebrated and spoiled with a portrait session that focuses entirely on you.

Spotlight the Many Sides of You
You've traveled a long road to become the dynamic person you are today. You've had great days and horrible ones and nobody smiles all the time. We'll showcase different styles to your personality and play around with your session until we find your vibe.
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Our Client Experience

Parents, this is for you. Our planning process is centrally focused on your senior's experience being photographed. Yes, we want you to have gorgeous photographs to look back on, but if they didn't have fun creating them then we haven't done our job correctly. We want to hear everyone's ideas, no matter how crazy or far-fetched they may seem! Sometimes your kids have a different idea of what they want and that's fine, too! Our experiences are as dynamic as they are and we will plan something that works for everyone.

Slide Out of My DMs

The first step often starts with an email or direct message letting me know who you need photographed. After that, we'll hop on the phone and chat about your senior and see if we're a good fit to work together.


In-Person Consultation

Once we know we are a great fit, we'll sit down together with your senior and plan their session. Props, animals, sports, parachute dresses or traditional, we'll figure out what lights your senior up and then photograph them doing it. Here is where we'll also identify the kind of wall art or album your senior will cherish so we can get your images off the phone and into print.

Choose Artwork

About 2 weeks after your session, we'll meet at my home studio and I'll show you a slideshow of your images on the big screen. We'll choose a powershot (that ONE image that gives you goosebumps that just has to go on the wall), your yearbook photo, and begin my personal favorite - album design!

Enjoy Your Artwork

Our time together ends when your artwork is delivered. From custom designed albums handmade in Italy to vibrant metal wall art that shines with vivid detail, your senior's photos will decorate your home and fill your heart with joy, long after they've left the nest.

Your Heart in Print

As parents, you deserve to be celebrated just as much as they do! You've held them as babies, chased them around as toddlers, attended countless Little League games, experienced their joy and felt their pain through the years. You've watched them succeed and you've watched them fail. They hold a piece of your heart and their absence leaves a hole in your life. Displaying keepsake portraits of them will help you feel connected to their life, even after they've graduated and gone.

After surviving all the little bumps along the way, you deserve to have their portraits as artwork to remind yourself that you did it, too!

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