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Bringing Dreams to Life
Enchanted portrait experiences for imaginative kids.



Amy Jean

This Is How We Do It.

So many families skip pictures because they don't know where to start or feel they have to do everything themselves. From planning the session to designing your artwork, we'll be there every step of the way from designing your wardrobe to installing your artwork on the wall. And it all starts with an email.....


Send that first email

All you need to do to get started is send us an email letting us know who you'd like photographed. That's it! We'll schedule a quick phone call to make sure we're a great fit to work together and that we can create custom artwork that is tailored to your family. We'll work together to design a portrait experience that enchants your kids and captures the essence of the love within your family.


The Session

Because your session is designed FOR you, just have fun! Not sure how to stand or where to put your hands? We've got you and will give you prompts to snuggle in close, play silly games and be yourself. We'll help you feel relaxed so you can enjoy this special time with your family so your artwork will be authentically you.

Ordering Appointment

Within 2 weeks after your session, you'll come to our home studio for a viewing presentation of your images on the big screen! Here, we'll help you select those favorite images that really stand out and design that custom piece that fits perfectly in your home. You'll leave feeling excited about the art that will give you goosebumps and transform your home for years to come.


The Installation

Most of our wall art is handmade in Italy by the most talented artisans in the printing world and take a few weeks to arrive. Preserved with archival quality, your art will arrive to you ready-to-hang and enjoy for generations. We can send you home with your gorgeous pieces OR personally deliver and install them for you!


Capture the Moment Before it Becomes a Memory

What we photograph gets remembered, that's why moms are always taking pictures with our phones. Photography persists through the ages because it preserves the legacy of our families. It has the power to connect us with our past and keep memories of lost loved ones alive. Photographs are one of the only things whose value appreciates over time. We can't come back to today and photograph our kids when they lose their first tooth or wear their first prom dress.

As portrait artists, our only job is to help you preserve precious milestones as they become cherished memories. We'll help you slip a portrait session in to your busy life and create artwork that can't go out of style.

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